For pricing and scheduling details of the following Donna's Americana Services, contact 


  • Press releases to area print and online media 
  • Interview pitch to press and radio contacts 
  • CDs and digital music mailed to area radio stations 
  • Show posting on blogs and online calendars 
  • Facebook event and posts on Donna’s Americana FB page 


  • Communication with your venues about show details: load-in/soundcheck, showtime, tech & hospitality     riders, payment details, accommodations, meals, etc. 
  • Preparation of tour itinerary with details including hotel, rental car, and other info on a google doc with links sent to all band and team members 


Creation of user-friendly website tailored for artist needs, and easy for the artist to take over and update.   Website can include tour calendar, photo gallery, video page, EPK, blog, store, music player, social media links and more….or less… 


EPK-  A collection of your assets (bio, quotes, video links, links to hi rez photos, etc.), placed as a page to live on your website, and as an email to use for booking, submissions, to tell your story in a nutshell, and provide venue bookers and promoters tools to showcase your show. 

SoundCloud account- for streaming/downloading your music. Links can be private so that only those who receive the link can listen to and/or download the songs. Perfect for sending your music to venue bookers, music journalists, and radio stations. 

YouTube Channel- Redesign your existing or create a youtube channel that will showcase your best performance, lyric, and concept videos 

Facebook Page- Redesign your existing or design a Facebook Artist page which will feature your latest work, photos, videos and event calendar. 


Promotion of your new record to radio stations associated with Americana/Folk/Roots charts. Charts targeted include: NACC (North American College & Community Chart), Folk DJ, Roots Music Report

Promotion includes: 

  • Creation of one-sheet and digital download package 
  • Physical mailout (or labels provided so that you may mail out at a reduced cost) 
  • Email promotion to radio hosts in advance of your release date which includes digital download 
  • Email promotion follow-up to DJs  for six weeks after the release of your record with song suggestions